Uncertainty for Hatfield-based BT staff

10th May 2018

Telecommunications firm BT, which has a site in Hatfield Business Park, has announced 13,000 job cuts as well as possible office closures.

In an announcement this morning (May 10) BT announced that its workforce will be reduced by 13,000 “mainly back office and middle management roles”.

However, it also plans to hire around 6,000 new employees to support network deployment and customer service.

The announcement comes as part of a drive to launch new product combinations, invest in infrastructure, and lower costs through restructuring.

A BT spokesperson said: “There are no details at this stage of either the reduction in roles, or the new jobs we have announced today, or what this means for individual locations around the country.

“We have been clear, however, that the changes will represent an investment in the jobs and skills needed to strengthen our networks and customer service.

The company also announced that it will reduce the number of its UK offices to 30 over the coming years, including its London headquarters, which raises questions for the BT office at Hatfield Business Park.

The spokesperson said: “There are no details yet of what this means for individual locations around the country.”

BT took over the previous company at the Hatfield site, EE, in 2015.