Codicote therapy invention leads to huge US order

30th June 2017

An innovative business founded by a Codicote inventor has won an order worth more than £2million for its bizarre therapy product within just three months of its foundation.

Orbit Float Ltd, which operates from a farm near between Watton-at-Stone and Walkern, was formed earlier this year to market a new type of float tank, the brainchild of Bob Agnew.

The concept of fighting stress by floating in super-saline water was developed in the early 1970s, and popularised by its guru Steve Hutchison, who wrote The Book of Floating in 1982.

The alleged benefits include reducing anxiety and depression, soothing muscles, and injury rehabilitation..

But according to Chris Thompson, salesman and spokesman for Orbit Float, its version is far superior to any competitor.

He said: “The first tanks were like coffins. The tank we have is massive. The water goes through six different filtrations.”

Consequently, he claimed, the water, although three times more salty than the famous Dead Sea, was much purer than that offered by competitors.

Orbit Float is a production business operating alongside its sister company Float UK, which with two tanks in a converted barn, is Hertfordshire’s first flotation centre.

The founder directors, Bob Agnew and George Levitt of Stevenage, are currently in Texas, where a distribution business has ordered 120 tanks, costing about £25,000 each with associated equipment.

The tanks are carefully sound-insulated, the temperature of the water is kept within a fraction of a degree of the atmosphere, and only top quality Epsom salts are used.

According to Chris, floating in about ten inches of saline water for as long as an hour induces “theta thought” as opposed to our standard “beta thought”.

Clients who find it useful include pregnant women, and sufferers from various medical conditions.

Chris said: “We have one lady with ME who finds it enormously useful.”

Design and production engineer Luke Salvucci liaises with a factory in Lincolnshire that makes the fibreglass tanks, which open and close easily, with sessions starting and ending with soft light and gentle music.

The pumps and other equipment are assembled under his direction at Orbit’s base in Whitehall Farm, although he is looking for subcontractors to reduce his workload.

As well as its big US customer, Orbit is suppling a distributor in Germany, and is in discussions about selling to Australia and New Zealand.

Luke, 23, who was recruited by the directors at a graduate job fair, said: “This order is keeping us on our toes. for me, it is something very different, and I am having fun.”

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