Budget 2017: St Albans business network also disappointed by action on pubs’ business rates

23rd November 2017

St Albans Business Improvement Network have given a mixed response to yesterday’s Autumn Budget.

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced a business rates discount for pubs valued under £100,000 will be extended.

This disappointed St Albans landlords, whose properties will not be in line for the discount.

The Business Improvement Network (BID said: “There was little further relief for small businesses that could help here in St Albans

“We are disappointed to note the support for small pubs will have no positive impact on the pubs in St Albans city centre.”

Measures were announced to tackle VAT fraud by online retailers, which costs taxpayers £1.2b a year.

BID responded: “We are pleased to hear online retailers will have to pay a more realistic income tax on their revenues. This may go some way to help our high street retailers and redress the imbalance of duties.”

The Budget also included promises of action on single-waste plastic with the aim of reducing waste, and promises of more money for electric cars.

Of this, BID said: “We were delighted a more sustainable approach to single-use plastic is being considered but had hoped for a more decisive action there.

“Supporting the growth of electric cars could help with parking and cleaner air quality in our City centre and is therefore welcome also.”