Employer of the Year

Blue Arrow
Staff are the most important asset of any business. This category will find businesses which demonstrate strong commitment to staff and asses how employees benefit the business.
Entry criteria
•Outline of business.
•Details of staffing numbers and types of jobs people do.
Effective Recruitment and Retention – Demonstrate your recruitment processes and policies to increase retention.
Benefits & Wellbeing Strategy – Evidence the companies strategy to benefits and Wellbeing and how it effects/meets the business needs. How do you communicate the strategy to employees, what is employee take-up of the scheme and how it has  benefited the organisation. Demonstrate measurement of return on investment.
Employee Engagement Strategy – Can your strategy link employee engagement and is this at the heart of the business? Can you demonstrate motivation programmes that have made a difference to performance. Entrants should provide details of the strategy itself, demonstrate how it measures improvements in engagement and detail the business outputs.
Staff Development & Training Needs – How are staff within the company trained and developed? Is there a culture of  internal promotion?   This should be supported with evidence of high staff morale and low staff turnover.  Show how the training follows a set path within the company?  And how this is translated to individual requirements?  Are all staff entitled to training or is it for specific position or levels?
Performance – How do you measure staff performance and its influence on the business?
Visit Judging criteria
•Gain and assess examples of how the needs and aspirations of the business match those of employees.
•Assess the staff induction programme and its benefits.
•Seek and assess examples of effective and regular communication between staff and the business, e.g. regular meetings with minutes or action points recorded and followed-up.
•Look for good working conditions. How is that monitored? How has the business improved the environment?
•Outline all benefits staff can take advantage of. Assess their worth, including the cost, and how well they are implemented.
•Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the training and development programme in practice and against its aims.
•Seek specific details of aspects of training and development which have improved performance, either for the company or an individual, team or department.
•Gain examples of how the business ensures staff enjoy a good work and home life balance.