Business Growth Award

Sponsored by Datum

This award is open to companies of any size that have been trading for more than three years and can demonstrate growth strategies that encompass a broad range of activities across their business whether it be in innovation, market development, staff development, strategic leadership and/or improvements in financial measures.

The judges will be looking for evidence of business growth, in the last three years, across some or all  of these areas: 

  1. Innovation Evidence of providing industry leadership in research, development of industry-leading or industry-changing practices or products, or developing a completely new approach to an old problem;
  2. Market DevelopmentEvidence of a well-defined and focused strategy for going to market with products and services critical to business success. This might  include success achieved in expanding the business into new markets, either domestically or internationally, and/or expanding into new product or business lines; 
  3. Staff Development Evidence of helping employees to learn and develop, improving individual performance resulting in increased corporate success;
  4. Strategic leadership – Evidence that the strengths of the leadership team as well as any changes or innovations in setting the strategic direction for the business have contributed to the growth of the business;
  5. Financial performance: Evidence of pure financial growth in terms of revenue and/or profit improvement.