Document2 (Page 1)Online Business Website of the Year

This category highlights the achievements of those who have accepted the opportunity to develop their business through this modern medium.  You should be able to demonstrate good internet site construction. Give examples of how this has improved or affected your business.

The judges will be looking for evidence of the following points:

Innovation / creativity Is this site or development/products within this site innovative? How is the concept of this site, the way it is managed, run and developed?

Internal/external development Was the site created internally or externally? If externally, how individual is the site and how well did the two companies collaborate in its development?

Impact on Staff Show how you have trained staff in its use and understanding, and how many staff have access.

User Friendly What steps were taken to make sure the site was user friendly?

Cost Impact / Labour saving Was cost taken into consideration when establishing this site and has it proved to be cost effective?

Impact on development What impact has this site had on the business overall?  How has this affected the running of the business in other areas?  Have changes been initiated by this site?


Naturally Happy Dogs were the winners of the Online Business award in 2013

North Herts HomesThe judges said: “The online video dog magazine is truly a rare breed, it gives subscribers an opportunity to paws for thought and discover all aspects of natural and positive dog training through more than 300 videos containing 40 hours of information. With the word spreading through social media, the business is aiming to cement itself as the top dog.”

Technical director Kevin Marchant and Executive Director Sally Marchant said: “We’re absolutely amazed to win. We were finalists last year and it was great to be nominated again, but we were not expecting to win as the standard is so high. Our success is down to having a great website and a unique idea. We’re doing really well and this award proves other people think so too.”