HR Excellence Award

This award is open for companies that offer a high level of HR solutions throughout their business, and can show a clear vision and goal in their engagement planning, Inclusion and Involvement, creativity and management commitment.

A learning and development strategy – Illustrate that the learning and development strategy is embedded as part of the businesses overall business strategy

Effective Recruitment and Retention – Demonstrate how innovation or  process changes have contributed to the bottom  line profits through enhanced  recruitment and  retention.  Entrants can detail policy changes to bespoke one of activities that made the difference.  To the extent its use would be suitable how well does the business make use of technology?

Employee Engagement Strategy – Can your strategy link employee engagement and is this at the heart of the business? Can you demonstrate motivation programmes that have made a difference to performance. Entrants should provide details of the strategy itself, demonstrate how it measures improvements in engagement and detail the business outputs.

Staff Development & Training Needs – How are staff within the company trained and developed? Is there a culture of  internal promotion?   This should be supported with evidence of high staff morale and low staff turnover.  Show how the training follows a set path within the company?  And how this is translated to individual requirements?  Are all staff entitled to training or is it for specific position or levels?

Benefits & Wellbeing Strategy – Evidence the companies strategy to benefits and Wellbeing and how it effects/meets the business needs. How do you communicate the strategy to employees, what is employee take-up of the scheme and how it has  benefited the organisation. Demonstrate measurement of return on investment.

Blue ArrowEckoh PLC won this award in 2013

The judges said: “Eckoh’s staff are at the core of the company’s values, they have created a strong working environment, where people genuinely want to work. The commitment to staff development and wellbeing has truly been a success story to shout about.  ”

Group Finance Director Adam Moloney said: “Our HR Exellence entry was all about how we listen to our staff about improving the business and making it a nice place to come and work every day. As for innovation, that is what our business is about, we always encourage new ideas.”