Commercial Business in the Community

This award is open for any commercial business that contributes to the environment, community and society.

The judges will be looking for evidence that include the majority of the following:

1. Objective – What environmental, social or economic projects are your company involved in and why?

2. Strategy – Give details of your strategy, including logistics, funding and organisational challenges

3. Impact – Give details of the contribution the project has made to the environment or community.

4. Commitment to future – Give details of future projects or explain how current projects require continuous support.

Credit – Photography by Casey Gutteridge.

The winners of this award last year were JPA Furniture.

The judges said: “The company have an undeniable passion and desire to place the community at the heart of what they do and how they do it and  since the community focused ethos is so engrained within the company, they make it appear all so natural and simple.”